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I had to ask him specific questions to get answers from him that weren’t vague. I certainly did not write it to be viewed as a “waste of electrons on the internet” nor as “trash.” I’ve been a journalist now for almost two decades; having written for publications such as Goldmine, American Songwriter and Classic Drummer. how he came about using the Indian rug during each of hi Notwithstanding, Greg’s parents were devoted to their only child throughout their entire lives. It was a genuine pleasure to chat with you! Afterward, the council moved the Lakes to a nearby council-owned cottage where Greg’s parents continued to live until Greg bought them a small bungalow in the 1970s. That sounds lovely, Patricia! My mind cannot, will not fully accept that he has left us. When was the last time that you went to your doctor…and what were you treated for?” The questions went on and on, to the point that it was almost impossible for me to eat a bite of my dinner (and I was hungry)! Hello Charlie, Their ashes are buried at the Poole Cemetery in Oakdale, Poole, Dorset, England. A deep heart and mind connection. I thought it was a great article and it touched more on Greg’s personal life. As I am highly allergic to tobacco smoke, I forbade him smoking in the car. Harry passed away on January 4, 1982, and Lily followed him on January 15, 1988. Do you have any photos of you and Greg together??? Since we are Facebook buddies, I will be getting in contact Complete your Greg Lake collection. of Greg are simply wonderful to listen to, and I think Saved from Photo courtesy of Graham Jones. He would by me drinks . Greg Lake war ein britischer Bassist, Gitarrist, Sänger, Songwriter und Produzent (Band "Emerson, Lake and Palmer"). I welcome any/all photographers whose work was used in the making of this article to please contact me at your convenience. How could you have a blind date when Greg was married to Regina and where was she and not with her husband ??? Greg Lake, age twelve, in 1959. It is sad to see him go. Tomorrow, December 7th, 2017 marks the first anniversary of Greg’s death. And… LUCKY GIRL! and the next time I’m in England I will give you a call! Feb 23, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by LORI F.. Wie sein Manager Stewart Young mitteilte, erlag er am Mittwoch im Alter von 69 Jahren seinem Krebsleiden. Bravo! pendant, and I know he was quite upset about losing it. Since you and I know each other fairly well Many children were evacuated out by American troops and, after the war, American companies came in and built ‘temporary’ housing that-for many-became permanent housing for many years. Thank you for sharing your cherished Greg moments with us. it as a “souvenir” to remember Greg by. Beautiful article, my friend. This American would have blasted him. Again, thanks, and you should write a follow up book Appreciate the clarity. Greg Lake lived to make music; music that he truly loved. His music, his playing, his voice are what we all know and love. Some of the venues in which the band performed would not allow a minor like Greg in without “adult supervision.” Harry Lake accompanied young Greg on countless school and work nights, acting as a kind of road manager, roadie, chauffeur and bodyguard. I simply LOVE your quote GREG Lake, has died at 69 after battling cancer. of Greg and I together in this article. I know he would All rights reserved. Simply loved it, period. Greg Lake, the English guitarist and singer-songwriter from the progressive rock group Emerson, Lake & Palmer, died Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016, of cancer, according to multiple news sources. I was quite young had did not drive so I could not try to follow ELP around to get to meet Greg, who I somehow just knew he was this amazing person and would have loved to talk about his music endlessly. concert. never told me exactly how it came to be stolen. Are they still alive? I live very close to keiths final resting place and I often go there with flowers. Hi Shirley, Thanks for Sharing your experiences with Greg Lake. I could kick myself for not getting tickets when Greg played.. A fan on the cruise put up songs on YouTube that he sang as well as a Q & Answer part. A full twenty years after the war ended, there was still rubble present in much of London!”. assumed it was stolen by a fan who was enamored and wanted Take care and thank you so very much. X. Hello Patricia, When not on tour, making yet another television appearance or in the studio, Greg was splitting his time between a rented home and a boat which he kept docked in the Marina Del Rey area. Maybe you could email me and let me know. It was most informative. Wow, sheer brilliance! I get that same feeling when I hear Nights in White Satin by the MBs. I found all that you shared of great interest. Is there any sort of collaborating information available? On a lighter note my last few visits I’ve found lovely little muddy fox paw prints decorating the black marble. I enjoy playing and performing. That year, Greg received his first guitar-a cheap acoustic-as a Christmas gift. Yes, Greg and Regina were married in 1974. May you enjoy a warm and wonderful holiday season! As of now this story is just a waste of electrons on the Internet and my time for reading this trash. I used to know the artist Peter Green, and I have exactly ONE photo of us together, courtesy of a fan who spotted us together at a supermarket (in Oxted) and asked to take a photo of the two of us. In 2005, Lake toured Germany and the UK with his group, the Greg Lake Band, which now included David Arch on … Thank you Shirley for making my day most enjoyable. I will talk with you soon love. Play on in heaven , dearest Greg! poetry and lute playing! Thanks again for sharing your story. As Carl Palmer once said “It takes Adding to his distress was Greg’s decision to keep it a private battle. You work in the medical field. Greg casually discussed this in may be buried, and do they accept flowers? As I shivered in the front seat at 2 am in the wintertime, hardly dressed for the occasion in a sequined cocktail dress with a plunging back, I tried to focus on the stunning view of the Southern California ocean, its waves softly illuminated by the moonlight, as I quite literally froze blue in the cold. Thank you. Love hearing them. View the profiles of people named Greg Lake. and questions! also……I don’t recall ever reading anywhere, that they all lived together. Thanks. Yes the ELP boys lived in many places throughout the world. Greg Lake, właśc.Gregory Stuart Lake (ur.10 listopada 1947 w Poole, zm. It was more than his mega-watt smile, more than the way his eyes would twinkle as he grinned at you. Thank you again. The discs were on prominent display on one wall in the lounge of their small bungalow. Like yourself, I was too young during ELP’s heyday of the 1970s, and himself; a totally unique and beautiful piece of art like no Greg began performing very shortly after receiving a guitar for Christmas in 1959. Poole, Dorset, Großbritannien, geboren. Thanks for stopping by, and I want to take this opportunity to address your reluctance to believe my memoir, especially since it does not contain any photos of Greg and I together. were PLENTY of photos taken of us together, as well as myself with both The fact Greg Lake never attended either of Harry or Pearl’s funerals in the 80’s sits uncomfortably with the reader like an unhealed wound. Time and the elements have done their job on the headstone, rendering its inscription difficult to read. bring to Greg’s fans some NEW insights/information about Greg on a Unlike me, he knew every lyric by heart. In the week that Greg Lake’s death was announced, Carl Palmer, who played with Greg for over ten years took a few moments to talk to Prog and offer his perspective on Greg’s impact with ELP and the legacy he leaves behind. are still in existence! My family were among those!” His love for America, and especially Americans, is one of the things I remember most about Greg Lake. Thank you so much for your kind reply; it really made my day! I loved him all ways but prefered his ballads. After developing COPD and being placed on steroids to control the symptoms, Greg went on the then-popular ‘nicotine patch’ in an effort to stop smoking by the time that ELP were on their Canadian concert venue stops, on their 1993 tour. Greg Lake had an amazing energy to him, the likes of which I haven’t experienced an equal to in my (almost) sixty-two years on this earth. I’m sincerely sorry that you view it as such, but I respect your right to your opinion, as well as your right to publicly declare your opinion thusly. Pictures of people only please! I sincerely apologize for not providing any photos of Greg and I together, although plenty of them were taken by both Greg and Keith. that folks deserve to hear your stories about Greg! He just had that certain something about him, as both a man and an artist, that made your senses positively ignite as you watched and listened to him. I told Greg the story about how I first discovered the Beatles through a cousin of mine who was schizophrenic. I remember telling Greg that I thought that was “gross” behavior for a mother to do, and that I always resented my own mother for doing that to her children. Greg:”Shirley, I’m supposed to be on steroids right now…I mean, I’ve been on steroids but…dammit! bless him. Hi Shirley. At the time I knew Greg, he was separated from Regina. Thank you for the insight into a musical genius along with Keith Emerson, keyboardist extrodenaire, as I had thought on a personal level, he was. "Was shocked to hear your passing, Greg. The piece de resistance? I will always be grateful for the peace and love you have given to me in my life. Quite a lot. ". The Blues Cruise continues on each year with just Justin putting it on with several musicians appearing. I’ve grown up and grown old with ELP always loved the music but especially the music Greg made he was a poet and strangely enough I’ve always imagined him in a Tutor court. Discover (and save!) That is one of my fondest memories of Greg: sharing a big, sticky cheesecake together, and we ate every bite. Bravo! So where you there when Greg and the guys were recording “In The Hot Seat”?? inform you that many-if not most-ELP fans are well aware that at Greg Lake, one of the key figures in the prog rock boom of the 1970s, has died at the age of 69. Thanks to Greg for sharing his talent with the world. about your journey with the elusive Greg Lake! DIFFERENT opinions to make a horse race.” . I saw that Gregs auction was cancelled last year and have found it difficult to find much info.

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